Cat Tales: News at the Ranch

Winter/Spring 2016: We have 3 kittens on the Ranch. Please check for available cats & kittens. 

Summer 2015: We are up to 94 cats spayed and neutered and some wonderful adoptions. Thank you all so much for everything! We are down to 1 un-spayed female and we are making progress with catching her. Good thoughts!  

Winter, 2013: Happy New Year. Our adoptions were slow in 2013, hoping 2014 is a good year for feral and outside cats. This summer was a sad one for the Ranch, we lost some beloved residents to a predator, most likely a bobcat. Outside cats face many dangers from predators, injuries and disease. Please spay and neuter your companion animals! Thank you for visiting our site.  

Fall, 2012 We spayed our 72nd cat and were able to catch 2 wild kittens!  

Summer 2012: To our valued adopters, volunteers and donors, we thank you sincerely. Your efforts have truly made a difference in the lives of many animals.   

Your donations buy cat food, vet services, and better traps. You can help these unwanted cats live humanly. Our goal at WCR is to spay/neuter 100% of the cats located at the ranch, provide food and shelter to all, and to adopt out as many suitable cats as possible.  

Sincerely, All those working at and for WCR.