Wild Cat Ranch (“WCR”) was founded in 2008 and incorporated on December 30, 2010, for exclusively charitable and educational purposes. We operate a rescue and refuge for feral and homeless cats.
Since 2008, we have cared for feral, stray and homeless cats and kittens in the McCully Mountain area near Lyons, Oregon. The un-socialized cats are humanely trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and released back to their colonies, where they are fed and monitored daily. This program is known as trap-neuter-return or TNR. To date, we have trapped and neutered/spayed over 80 cats. This managed, long-term care includes daily feeding, shelter, ongoing veterinary care, and socialization. Suitably socialized cats and kittens are available for adoption.

Feral cat colonies are problems for the community because there is unchecked breeding and behaviors associated with mating - mostly fighting. A single unspayed female can be responsible for hundreds of unwanted kittens over time. These kittens do not always survive; they are victims of neglect, predators, and accidents. Feral kittens turned in to humane societies and shelters are destroyed because they are unsocialized to humans.
That's why Wild Cat Ranch exists - to give these kittens and cats a chance!
Jay and Comet
2011 kittens
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