Cats For Adoption
Our adoptions are different. We deal with feral unsocialized cats. When a feral cat shows interest in humans, we start socializing them. WCR normally only places cats and kittens in inside-only homes. The reasoning behind this is that cats can live outside lives at our sanctuary and be well-cared for. We're hoping you  will provide a better home than we can at the Ranch - a true home with lots of individual attention. We would love to talk to you about bringing one of these special cats into your life. Our hours are by appointment  and normally during the weekend, so please e-mail us to set-up a time you can meet the cats you are interested in. Right now, our available cats are on .

Please E-mail us at if you are interested in one the the cats featured, or if you are looking for a certain color or age, etc. We have many sweet cats who would love to come home with you, and not all of them are on Petfinder right now. We are very flexible with the adoption fee, so please don't let that factor into your decision - we want these cats in good homes. Period.

Adopting an unsocialized cat is different than adopting a well socialized kitten or cat. Your new cat may be slower to adjust to your environment. Don't worry, in a short time, the cat will adjust and become "yours." You will then be rewarded with a companion for his/her life, and she/he will always be grateful for you providing a forever home. 
Leo & Rex - Adopted
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Adopting a cat will not change the world, but for that cat, the whole world will change.